We are a specialized investigative agency with roots in San Francisco, California, nationwide coverage, and Worldwide affiliates.

Founded in 1978, our firm specializes in litigation support, financial background investigations and due diligence on individuals and businesses. We provide superior investigative reports to major law firms, plaintiffs’ attorneys, insurance companies, commercial landlords and pension funds throughout the United States, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

As we maintain an active membership in the most prestigious investigative associations in the world, we have an established global network of exceptional professionals that can execute our services with the same high-level of professionalism on a worldwide basis.

Our investigators provide thoroughly researched and detailed reports compiled with both public databases and our impeccable private sources developed over the past 40 years. We carefully review and analyze information from dozens of public and private databases and industry sources to produce a comprehensive and useful report to assist your information needs.

Our Services

Due Diligence

  • Business Entities: Structure, Officers/Directors, Legal Status, Operations, Location, Litigation, Media, Tax Status
  • Individuals: Business Involvement, Employment, Education, Litigation, Media
  • Site Visits: Photo and Video Verifications (Size/Operations)

Financial Investigations

  • Asset Verification & Underwriting Research
  • Deficiency Judgment - Personal Guarantor Asset Research
  • Corporate Structure and Principal Research
  • Commercial & Personal Loan Underwriting Research
  • Bankruptcy - Asset Verification & Fraud

Real Estate Investigations

  • Real Estate Ownership & Encumbrance Research
  • Real Estate Transaction & Loan Fraud Investigations
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes: Primary Residence/Ellis Act
  • Real Property Title Research (Nationwide)
  • Real Estate Disclosure Disputes / Extensive Interviews
  • Quiet Title / Clouded Title / Heir Identification and Locates

Pension/Union Investigations

  • Withdrawal Liability Reports (Signatory Employer & Principals)
  • Corporate Structure/History & Ownership Analysis
  • Pre and Post-Judgment Asset Investigations
  • Affiliated Entity Research (Duel-Shop Investigation)
  • Prevailing Wage Investigations (Surveillance/Interviews)
  • Commercial/Residential Tenant Identification (Income Property)

Personal Injury/Negligence

  • Industrial / Motor Vehicle / Personal Injury
  • Witness Locates & Interviews
  • Defendant Background Research
  • Under-Insurance Financial Investigations
  • Premises Liability / Slip & Fall Investigations
  • Professional Negligence Investigations
  • Surveillance / Field Investigations

International Investigations


  • Investment Fraud
  • Death Verifications
  • Missing Persons/Worldwide Location Reports
  • Corporate/Business Operation Verification
  • Insurance Claims and Accident Reports

Coverage Regions

San Francisco Bay Area

Nationwide Coverage

Worldwide Affiliates



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Council of International Investigators (C.I.I.)
World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.)
Association of Licensed Investigators
INTELLENET International Intelligence


Domestic Research
Derish Associates, Inc.
San Francisco, California
Office: (415) 459-1448
Email: US-Inv@PrivateEyes.com

International Research
Costa Rica Investigations, S.A.
San Jose, Costa Rica
U.S. Toll Free: (415) 648-7007
Email: CR-Inv@PrivateEyes.com