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There are times when you need confidential information – and it must be fast, reliable and professionally delivered.

At Derish Associates, we guarantee our best efforts to get you that information. We are an independent local investigative and consulting agency with offices in both North and Central America. Combining over 50 years of investigative experience with active participation in both national and international associations, we can provide you a truly global product with a personal touch.


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Costa Rica Investigations, S.A.
San Jose, Costa Rica
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We don't just provide raw data to our clients; we work with them to produce a winning solution to their litigation needs. When your request is received, it will be instantly analyzed and an investigative strategy will be formulated with a budget and deadline. Once approved, we will use our state of the art database system (most of the information we use is “source” information rather than the pre-packaged stuff sold to law firms), our impeccable sources, interviewing techniques, and experience to help you quickly size up the situation. This invaluable service provides both the law firm and their clients with a diligent and cost efficient method to determine the future of their case.

And don’t forget our due diligence services. We have been known to “kill” quite a few deals -- saving our clients millions. And there are the success stories too…..

With our principal United States domestic operations handled out of San Rafael (San Francisco), California along with Salem, Oregon and international operations from our office in San Jose, Costa Rica, we can truly serve the Americas.

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